Welcome to Our World Revisited

Welcome to Our World Revisited

Monday, January 14, 2013

How Can My Feelings Effect My Reality?

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              Sure it is a commonly used phrased and probably used to often but we get the gist of it! Whatever we think or believe about ourselves is who we will be and who we will become....but why? Why can't I believe I am inferior and indeed become superior? Why do I have to feel good in order to do good? How does it work? How can my feelings effect my reality?
          While some people may have actual evidence that the way they've felt in past situations did not
actually effect their reality, they may not have considered their core emotions and what was at the center of what they felt. The mind can be very deceptive even to ones own self, especially when what you want to believe isn't actually what you believe at all. The reality is that reality doesn't change without there being a cause. This cause always has its origin within the mind. The mind is a very complex and powerful entity that has the power to create wanted and unwanted results. How does the mind produce results? Through feelings. The way we feel about ourselves and particular circumstances is a product of our mind and this product (feelings) if not controlled will lead to a change in our reality. Lets take pain for instance. Pain is feeling, not a reality. It only becomes reality once our mind produces the feeling and we act upon the feeling and thus make the feeling a reality. Now lets apply this to concept to many other feelings we have, like insecurity, unworthiness, doubt, emptiness, prosperity, motivation, worthiness, capability, and acceptance. We have these feelings because of what we think in mind about ourselves, others, situations, and circumstances because feelings are products of the mind. In order to control what we feel we must first control what is being produced by the mind. Now that is a feat! This is what everyone would like to do, it is indeed a desirable and rare ability!
                      One reason why it is very difficult to control the mind is because we would have
to somehow rule out all other influencing factors that are processed by our mind everyday through our senses. We see and hear so much in just a few seconds and every bit of it is processed by our mind and stored! Imagine a computer that is always storing information and processing it and can never shut down. It would be rather difficult to control this computer or get it to do what we want it to do when we want it to do it. This is how our mind can be if we aren't careful. So what are methods we can use to control what our minds produce? After all, we don't want our minds to bombard us with unnecessary and negative feelings or we will go crazy! Well we must filter out what gets processed by the mind. These filters should be positive filter in order for our minds to produce positive feelings! A positive filter would be a positive belief or a set of positive memories or even images that affected us in positive ways. To create filters and have them work to our benefit is also difficult because at first our mind will reject any positive implements that we try to set in place. This is because our mind has so much negativity to process around us that we literally have to refrain from the media, refrain from news of troubling events, refrain from associating with negative people and thus save our brains the trouble of dealing with so much negativity. Then we get a chance to set our filters in place! Nothing like a clear mind and a clear conscience to start us out on the right path!
          It may seem rather hard to refrain from negativity in life, in fact it is hard! This is why a balance is needed. We can't do it all but we can do somethings to change our feelings and thus change our reality. Start using filters day by day, little by little. Take on one pesky negative thought at a time. Make goals and keep them. There is no such thing as instant success without practice to reach a desired goal. The ability to do this is up to you.

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Joshua said...

So true. Every thought is either a good seed or bad seed put into the body and the body of others. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Thanks for the inspirational post.


Olivia Marie Jones said...

You're welcome Joshua! Have a great day!

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